• Frustrated with foot pod calibration

    This year I’ve taken a more systematic approach to running and part of that has been running with a foot pod. Unfortunately, it requires calibration and the calibration factor keeps shifting drastically from run to run. The violin plots show 22 runs; color represents different routes. The median in each plot marks the calibration factor I should have used during that run—calculated after the fact.

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  • Running all of Connecticut

    In the last year I developed a planning tool for runners wanting to run a race in every town in Connecticut. I’m only starting on my journey to 169 towns.

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  • Brief musings on near-Earth comets

    Here’s a scatterplot of near-Earth comets (data source: NASA).

    We see that orbits with small eccentricity tend to lie close to the ecliptic, while more eccentric orbits seem to lie on random planes (see diagram for terminology). This could be because the more eccentric objects were captured, whereas the others formed with the Solar System. Another hint that this is the case: inclination is not only closer to zero, but also note the absence of dots near 180 degrees, so they’re orbiting in the same direction as all the planets.

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